Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cross Pollination: Art and Writing

Detail from Heart Connection mixed media by Dot.
Writers write and visual artists make things.


But aren't we more than just the primary label we apply? Or what is applied to us?

I think we are. I had a wonderful discussion over brunch today with three artists. One of them, my partner, recently had a book published. She doesn't identify as an author - yet she is that, now, too. The other two artists are artists and teachers. And one of them was talking about how she has written articles and a piece for another artist friend's book. The third artist described a wonderful project for a workshop he did a number of years ago which included a story he wrote.

And I know authors who take art breaks. No, a better description might be authors who also make art as inspiration or as a different creative focus when they need to step back from the writing piece they're currently working on.

So artists also write and writers make art.

What about you?

What is your primary artistic identity? What other artistic pursuits do you enjoy or do you use for relaxation, inspiration, meditation, percolation? What other avenues do you use as a break or focus for your creative endeavors (cooking, walking, swimming, biking, floatation tanks, meditation, reading, or...)?