Saturday, December 8, 2012

One-Day Writing Conference in Portland on 1/26/13

I have been looking forward to this conference. I've held the day in my schedule even before I didn't have all of the details. The only thing I knew was that it is put on my Jessica Morrell, a local author and editor whose workshops I've attended a couple of times at Willamette Writers Conferences. (She has another workshop I'm looking forward to being able to take someday when my schedule doesn't conflict with when it is scheduled; still keeping my eyes on when the next session for that editing workshop.) I also knew that Lidia Yuknavitch was the keynote speaker.

But that was all I knew.

I received the information today and - wow - I am going. Just waiting for the final registration instructions and how to pay and I will be there.

Click on the Workshops/Classes page above to see the schedule and more information.

This looks so good that I know I made the right decision a couple of months ago to hold the date.


Making it in Changing Times
A One-Day Writing Conference
January 26th, Portland, Oregon
The accelerating change and innovation in the publishing industry today is dizzying, and the pace can be overwhelming. But this change/forward/fast environment is also ripe with opportunity for those who embrace it and learn to adapt and innovate. Find answers and valuable insights at a practical, one-day conference filled with just the information that you need to propel your writing career to the next level and muscle your way to publication.  
Times: 8:30-5:30
Location: Tabor Space, 5441 S.E. Belmont, Portland, Oregon
Keynote by Lidia Yuknavitch The Worth of Risk.
An Editor’s Wish List, Jessica Morrell 
Kick Start Your Writing in 2013, Gigi Rosenberg
10 Signs You’re Telling, not Showing, Jessica Morrell;
Unraveling the World of Amazon PublishingDeborah Reed
Immersed in Books: Building Your Literary Life Kevin Sampsell
Q & A: Risk It To Get Published with Jessica Morrell, Deborah Reed, Kevin Sampsell

View the full schedule at:

 Cost: $99 includes continental breakfast and lunch(Refund given in case of cancellation due to weather) 
(For registration information, see the Workshops/Classes page above; or go to Jessica's website by following the schedule link.)

"You don't want to miss this event. Seriously."