Sunday, June 24, 2012

Theater and Writing

Two days ago I made a commitment to be a regular contributor to a theatrical blog for next season. I'm excited about this agreement and am looking forward to the opportunity. I will be writing educational, informational pieces about theatrical interpreting (into American Sign Language, for those who don't know) - both general and specific.

I will share more once the details are worked out. But at this point I do know I will be writing one or two pieces per month.

There is some other good news on the theatrical front - but, again, I will wait to say anything more until after a few things are worked out.


Saturday night I went to the final performance of "The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy" at Pentacle Theatre in Salem. The entire cast did a great job - we laughed and nodded in an "in the know" kind of way. Directors Cherie and Jeff pulled the cast together, the blocking worked well, and the minimalist stage allowed for the variations in scene locations with ease.

The three interpreters for the show were great. I know they put a lot of time into translation and preparation and rehearsal, as well as committing to be there for every performance. And their dedication showed: congratulations to Justin, Myk, and Darcie. Nice job!