Thursday, January 19, 2012

The not so accidental writer

I thought I was still on the fence about doing the overlapping online writing workshops : Inga Muscio and Ariel Gore simultaneously? Could I really do it.

Did I want to? Easy A: yes! Would I have the time? Unknown. And the money? I could make it work.

I debated whether I would be setting myself up for failure. For overload or overwhelm.

I thought I'd say no.

Then I received the email to all of the Wayward Writers that I was on the list for the next section. Time to pay up (my words, not Ariel's) and I remembered that I had said I'd do it, I thought.

So I did.

Inga's workshop/class started two weeks ago and Ariel's starts this Saturday.

And Monday I interpret live, unscripted storytelling. And next Thursday I interpret "The North Plan" at Portland Center Stage (see the show if you're local - it's funny, it's revolutionary, it's a good night's escape. Then I'll shift my prep focus to Vagina Monologues - which we're interpreting on 2/11 at Portland Community College.

And I'm teaching.

And doing my other interpreting.

And two writing workshops.

This is going to be fun. And I'm serious.
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