Friday, February 11, 2011

notes from the Edge - though not the Razor's Edge today

That old saying : "the best laid plans....."

Yes, again.

But it's different this time. Yes, at the present moment I have too much going on in terms of commitments and not enough time. I guess that's obvious - the two seem to go hand in hand (another old gem of a saying).

Overall, it's not bad things that are happening - just a few too many.

Teaching feels like it's going well. What started as a little rough and the struggle to find placements for interns and practicum students was frustrating - some people finally came through. Much later than I would like; much later than optimal or what is in the best interest of the students. But there was nothing more I could do about it except keep asking and searching. And now we hope for the best - that things work out for those who need to complete the hours this term (moving out of the country; getting back to work; etc) and a couple of them are happy to simply add their short hours onto their second internship. It will work out.

I also had a good meeting with the new co-director of the program I teach in last week. We discussed some important topics, found some areas where we agree, discussed some history of the program and some changes she'd like to see or is already starting the wheels toward change. It felt positive and I think it's going to work well. I felt a good connection with her - which I needed. Which the program's students need. And I have hopes for the program's continuance.

I'm still writing. A lot. Especially a lot considering everything else that's happening. Every week I am still writing at least two sessions of two to four hours - sometimes three - plus some other short spurts here and there. I've had to cancel one of my writing sessions with friends each of the last two weeks and two of them next week. But after that, I will have much more time and can return to writing as scheduled.

Tonight I read over some of my writing at the beginning of the one memoir which I started in 2007. Whew! My writing has changed - improved. I'm having to look through it for nuggets I like, but otherwise it needs major cuts and revisions, sometimes flipping the whole section on its head.

I stepped in to sub for an interpreter on a play last month. And then, again, this month. I didn't have the space for extensive preparation for the plays, since they were unexpected. But I made some time and my teams have been awesome about working around my schedule and doing a little more electronically than normal. I like interpreting the plays - and they take a lot of time. I will have a break from interpreting plays for a couple months; then I am the understudy for a show.

The one thing I'm still behind on is walking and swimming. The car accident in December did cause some physical issues. Mostly they have resolved, except for some pain and stiffness at the base of my skull, which can go into my neck on the left and down to my shoulder blade. It is a lot better - but not gone. I wish it were over; the appointments to deal with that are also taking up time. A couple weeks ago due to scheduling and to feeling pretty good, I went almost two weeks without any care. And I was sore & stiff and taking ibuprofen every day to get through. I'm glad it's limited to that one area; and I've had enough. But things like driving - where I have to turn my head to the left to change lanes, check for traffic, park, etc - doesn't help, and so on. Walking is okay, but can trigger my neck a little, especially if I'm with friends and I'm - ooops - on the right end. Or signing through the play and my interpreting partner is - ooops - on my left side. Ouch. But it's better.  Sunday I'll try swimming again. Last time I did that, it triggered my neck, too - but that was a month ago. I'll not do the thing that set it off last time and will breathe more to my right than my left. I am getting a little bit more walking in, but the issue is time, not surprisingly. But I am - even if it's 30 minutes here and there, 10 minute walks in the hall on my VRS breaks.

So, things are good.


And mid-March my two local writing friends and I are going to the beach for 3 nights to write and write and write. A mini writing retreat.

A reward for a couple of intense months.

And I've sent out three more pieces of writing to be judged appropriate or not for publication.

Keepin' on.